Our company focuses on the design, production, supply and service of conveyor systems.

These conveyors are used to move material such as packages, cartons, tyres, crates and so on.

The two basic building blocks of the conveyor lines include the following conveyors:

Telescopic conveyors

They are used for loading and unloading goods from vehicles. Individual segments can be extended as needed so that the workers always have the goods at hand.

Telescopic belt conveyors are used for loading and unloading goods.

They are supplied with 600mm or 800mm wide belts and with a length from 3m in a folded state (5.5m extended) to 7m (21m).

Roller conveyors

It is a basic modular element.

Roller conveyors include a wide range of types – driven, non-driven, curves, converging, dividing, etc.

These conveyors can also be equipped with additional technology, such as scales, inspection cameras, reading devices, measuring devices and others.

Information from such additional technology may be evaluated and used to further direct goods or material to a specific location.

Sample solution

Sample installation


We always implement the design after a detailed discussion with the customer. This consultation is necessary for the correct design and optimal solution of the customer’s requirements.