Our company is quality-oriented, both in terms of the production process and in the overall quality management system. Our main aim is to provide services and products according to specific customer requirements and maintain our own high quality management system.

One of the aims and milestones within this continuous improvement is our certification plan according to ISO 9001: 2015, which should confirm our orientation.

As a manufacturing company, we successfully complete a number of customer audits, including the production process audit according to VDA 6.3 and our production process is fully controlled according to the strictest requirements and standards. We also take care of the occupational health and safety system and, last but not least, our operation complies with all legal provisions and our internal principles for safe and ecological production operation.

Our team understands the industry’s needs and has created reliable products since 2008.

We founded our company in 2008 under the name REMET TECHNIK s.r.o., following in the activities of Ing. Petr Vyskočil, who started mechanical production in 1990 under the REMET brand.

Currently, we are active in the field of serial metal production. Most of our production consists of parts manufactured in accordance with customer documentation. We also have our own engineering products that we develop and sell under our brand.

In the first years of our existence, we just focused on producing components for orthopaedic prosthetics, manufacturing special crutches and walking sticks, with the main processed material being dural. Stainless-steel and titanium have come to the forefront with the development of technologies and customer requirements, for example, we have added the production, repair and modification of special surgical instruments and various custom production to the original production range. This laid the foundation for the company’s further development.